Quinn Fabray

Played by Dianna Agron When we first met her: The snooty and perky Cheerios cheerleader seemingly had it all: Looks, social status and quarterback boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith). Apparently, she also began to have morning sickness. Where we left her: Everyone's turned their backs on her: Her parents threw her out, she's no longer a Cheerio, and Finn broke up with her after learning that the real father of the baby is Puck (Mark Salling). What we can expect next: Her relationship with baby daddy Puck continues even though his roving eye makes him lousy boyfriend material. Although her bump grows bigger by the day, that doesn't stop her from participating in the New Directions' rigorous routines. Let's take it easy around the third trimester okay, Quinn? Related: 'Glee': Should Quinn keep her baby? 'Glee': Even more class pictures
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