Jesse McCartney, Ken Marino Rush for 'Greek'

Jesse McCartney will show off his beautiful soul on the Cyprus-Rhodes campus next year.

The singer-actor will join the cast of ABC Family's "Greek" for its midseason return in Spring 2009, it was announced Monday, Sept. 29.

McCartney, 21, will play Andy, a high school friend of Calvin's (Paul James) who fuels a rivalry between the Kappa Tau and Omega Chi houses when he proves to be an in-demand pledge. In addition, Ken Marino will guest star alongside Jacob Zachar, who plays Rusty, as a fellow summer camp counselor.

"Greek" launched its sophomore season on Aug. 26 and improved on its first season with increases across key adult, women and 12-34 demographics.

When "Greek" returns for the second half of its second season, Casey (Spencer Grammer) will have to deal with a secret sorority and spies as she enters her senior year while Rusty returns as a sophomore and a full-fledged active Kappa Tau member. As usual, with each new year comes rush, when the new incoming students are battled over by the frats and sororities.

McCartney, who recently appeared as a guest performer on "Dancing With the Stars," is a singer and actor who appeared on "Summerland" and "All My Children" in addition to lending his voice to the big-screen "Alvin and the Chipmunks" as Theodore.

Marino, a 39-year-old comedian and actor, most recently appeared on TV as the gay demon Tony on The CW's "Reaper" and private detective Vinnie Van Lowe on "Veronica Mars."

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