Big-Screen 'High School Musical' Sequel Planned

"High School Musical 2" hasn't even aired yet, but Disney is already planning on a bigger and better follow-up.

"Haunted High School Musical" will be the next installment in the franchise, intended for release in theaters in 2008.

"['High School Musical'] skyrocketed to heights never before achieved by a TV movie, so it's only fitting that its next incarnation should be as a major motion picture," says Gary Marsh, president, entertainment, Disney Channel Worldwide.

Rich Ross, president, Disney Channel Worldwide, adds, "When people think 'big screen' for a TV movie, they generally don't think this big -– but no plasma TV could contain our plans for 'High School Musical 3,' thanks to the Walt Disney Studios."

Although Disney hasn't revealed any of the plot yet, it's a safe bet that there will be plenty of singing and dancing, Sharpay in outrageous costumes and the continuation of Troy and Gabriella's romance.

The original "High School Musical" TV movie became a cable channel phenomenon, spawning top-selling soundtracks, DVDs and even a concert tour.

"HSM 2" will air this coming summer on Disney Channel. In the sequel, the Wildcats are occupying their summer by getting jobs at the Evans' country club where they help put on an annual show. According to producer Bill Borden, a swimming pool musical number is planned in addition to the long-awaited kiss between Troy and Gabriella.

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