Duff, Madden Seek Stalker Restraining Orders


Hilary Duff already has a boyfriend, Good Charlotte band member Joel Madden, but that's not stopping an obsessed fan from wanting to be with her.

The singer-actress is seeking a restraining order against two men -- a young man who claims to be in love with her and a so-called "celebrity photographer" who's helping his pal's misguided romantic agenda.

According to documents on TMZ.com, a 19-year-old man named Max "Doe" and his 50-year-old roommate David Joseph Klein have been harassing Duff by contacting the people around her and claiming tha Max was "obsessed" with the starlet, that he would remove the "enemies" standing in his way and that he'd purchase a weapon.

The stalking activities began perhaps as early as two months ago. Market proprietor Art Charkhroobian says he encountered Max, who was sweating and dressed inappropirately warm for the weather, at his store, where Max proceeded to ask if the Good Charlotte boys (Madden and his twin brother Benji) shopped there, which they did. Max then asked about how frequently they appeared, whether or not they discussed Duff and then began calling the proprietor at work and his cell phone. Max claimed that if he didn't meet Duff, he'd hurt himself, and Charkhroobian "took photos of Max with his finger in his mouth and next to his head as if he were shooting himself."

About six weeks ago, Duff's neighbors met and talked with Max, who was trying to identify the actress' home. He said he'd knock on her door, they'd fall in love and get married. He reassured one woman that she didn't need to worry about him because he wasn't a "stalker."

On Sept. 15, Klein called Duff's personal manager Susan Curtis at her offices on behalf of Max. Klein told Curtis that "bad things would happen" if Max didn't get a "letter, photo or opportunity for personal contact with Hilary."

Most of Max's background and Klein's involvement came out around Sept. 30 at the Avalon Theatre where Good Charlotte was performing and security guard Ryan Atkinson talked to Klein at length. According to the self-styled photographer, Max, who was born in Russia and grew up in New York, had inherited $15,000 upon his father's recent death and flew to Hollywood two years ago specifically "to pursue his dream of meeting Hilary and becoming her boyfriend." He was homeless when he met Klein, who decided to put him up in his apartment.

It turns out that Max was at the concert as well, and when Atkinson approached, Max said, "I'm obsessed, infatuated with Hilary" and then listed all of her movies and the roles she played.

"Max was very disheveled and unhealthy in appearance; his skin and teeth looked like they were not cared for at all," the guard describes in a sworn statement. "Although it was not warm out, Max was sweating a lot ... Max told me that he was certain that Hilary would like him if she met him because he is a 'good guy.' He insisted that she had a relationship with Joel Madden only because Joel met her first, but that she really didn't like Joel's 'type' and would lose interest in Joel if she met Max."

Both Duff and Madden are seeking restraining orders that will keep Max and Klein at least 100 yards away from them, sister Haylie Duff, mother Susan Duff, Susan Curtis and Benji Madden.

Duff, 19, first won fans as the klutzy "Lizzie Mcguire" on the Disney Channel. Since then, she's starred in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," two "Cheaper by the Dozen" films, "A Cinderella Story," "Raise Your Voice" and "The Perfect Man" and "Material Girls" with sister Haylie. The Sisters Duff also collaborated by lending their voice talents to the upcoming animated "Foodfight!," in which they play items in a grocery store.

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