Hope Davis, John Mahoney Are 'In Treatment'


New patients are lining up to see Dr. Paul Weston on the second season of "In Treatment."

The HBO drama has added Hope Davis and John Mahoney to its cast for the coming season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Elsewhere, Jeffrey Nordling has joined the cast of TNT's pilot "Time Heals."

On "In Treatment," both Davis and Mahoney will play patients of psychoanalyst Weston (Gabriel Byrne) -- or in Davis' case, former patient. The "American Splendor" star is set to play a malpractice lawyer who blames Paul for the fact that she's alone and childless.

Davis starred in ABC's short-lived drama "Six Degrees" during the 2006-07 season; "In Treatment" will be her first TV work since then. Her credits also include "About Schmidt," "Next Stop Wonderland" and "The Hoax." She'll next be seen in Charlie Kaufman's film "Synecdoche, New York."

Former "Frasier" star Mahoney, meanwhile, will play a CEO who's concerned that life has begun to pass him by. The two-time Emmy nominee has also appeared in "Dan in Real Life," "Say Anything ..." and "She's the One."

At TNT, Nordling ("Dirt," "Once and Again") will star opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in "Time Heals." Nordling, who will also be featured in the upcoming season of "24," will play the director of medicine at the hospital where Pinkett Smith's character works as a nurse.

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