It's 'Doomsday' for Hoskins

Bob Hoskins has signed on for "Descent" director Neil Marshall's latest dark thriller, titled "Doomsday."

Set to begin production on Feb. 9 in South Africa and the United Kingdom, "Doomsday" focuses on a walled-off city in a major nation decimated by a deadly virus. When, after 30 years, the once-contained virus -- named "Reaper" -- resurfaces, a group of scientists head off into the country to get a cure.

Rhona Mitra stars as Eden Sinclair, one of the specialists leading the cure retrieval team. Hoskins will play the policeman who brings the team together.

The Rogue Pictures release has also added Alexander Siddig ("24," "Syriana") and Adrian Lester ("Hustle") to the cast, along with a number of actors from earlier Marshall productions including "Dog Soldiers" vets Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Emma Cleasby and Chris Robson, as well as MyAnna Buring and Nora-Jane Noone from "Descent."

"'Doomsday' is going to be a true thrill ride for audiences, and we're delighted to have this fine cast and crew aboard," say Andrew Karpen and Andrew Rona of Rogue Pictures.

Recent credits for Hoskins include "Hollywoodland," "Unleashed" and "Mrs. Henderson Presents."

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