Celebrity Scoop: Ian Anthony Dale


On "The Event," airing Mondays on NBC, Ian Anthony Dale plays CIA agent Simon Lee, who is hiding his identity as part of a group of aliens who crashed on Earth decades before. Interestingly, Dale, whose mother is of Japanese descent, played Davis Lee on an NBC drama called "The Surface."

"It seems to be following me in the NBC family," says Dale. "I'll take it for now."

According to Dale, Lee is going to see some action in the episode that airs this week and the one that airs two weeks from this Monday.

"You know what," he says, "when we return for the second half of the season, I'm going to get a good deal of action, so I've actually been looking forward to that. I've got some really cool action stuff coming up in episode 14, and then it's looking like 16 will be pretty action-packed. I'm certainly waiting for it. I'd love to do that stuff."

If he had his dream movie role, Dale would get plenty of action.

"I'd love to play James Bond," he says. "I know we're quite a ways off from having a half-Japanese James Bond, but I'd certainly love to throw my hat in the ring.

"I'm sure I have a better chance of getting into a Bond film as the villain at some point in my career. I'll take that."

On the prospect of having to grow a mustache to play a villain, Dale says, "I'll grow a mustache. I'm actually looking for an excuse to grow a mustache for a job. It's a little hard, because I wind up looking like an Asian Tom Selleck. People don't really know how to place me. I certainly would like to rock one for a role.

"(Sideburns) will definitely have to be fake, because I can't grow sideburns myself, unfortunately."

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