'Idol' Wednesday Cup Runneth Over


Logic would dictate that as there get to be fewer contestants, "American Idol" results shows ought to take less time. Not so!

Beginning on April 11, the Wednesday "American Idol" results shows will expand to a full hour, continuing at that length through May.

Both industry trades are reporting that the earlier-than-expected "Idol" Wednesday bloating was done at the request of the show's producers, who have found themselves inundated with celebrity mentors and potential guest performers in recent seasons. While it only takes 10 seconds for host Ryan Seacrest to eliminate somebody, the Wednesday shows have become the home of regular features like awkward group songs, equally awkward Ford commercials and periodic returns by "Idol" favorites looking to plug a new single.

The hour-long "Idol" episodes will only minorly impact the other shows in FOX's line-up. Although boosted by its proximity to the "Idol" juggernaut, the comedy "'Til Death" will come to a slightly premature end, moving up to 8 p.m. on April 11 for an hour-long season finale. "Bones," that time slot's regular occupant, will take a week off.

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