Isaac Hayes a Dad Again

Isaac Hayes may have ditched Stan, Cartman and Kyle on "South Park," but now he has another little boy to mentor.

The singer/actor and his wife Adjowa welcomed their first child together in April, says spokesman Rob Moore.

The baby, a boy named Nana Kwadjo Hayes, weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces at birth. In Ghanian, "Nana" means "king" and "Kwadjo" means "boy born on Monday."

In 1992, Hayes, 63, was crowned honorary king of Ghana's Ada region in honor of his humanitarian work.

Hayes has multiple children from previous relationships, including three other sons. He married his current wife in May 2005.

Hayes, who won a best original song Oscar in 1972 for the "Theme from Shaft," first joined Comedy Central's "South Park" in 1997 as the randy Chef for a one-time gig. He was so popular, he returned as a recurring character. This season, he reportedly quit over the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's mockery of his faith, Scientology, on a recent episode.

The duo had the last word, however, in an episode in which they killed off the Chef character, who had become a pedophile thanks to the influential Super Adventure Club. He eventually meets a grisly end, and in a eulogy, Kyle calls Chef's brainwashers a "fruity little club."

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