Fox Treats Jackman Like an 'Amateur'

Hugh Jackman has lined up the Robert Littell spy novel "The Amateur" as a potential starring and producing vehicle.

Jackman and Seed Prods. partner John Palermo will produce the thriller, with Evan Katz ("24") working to update Littell's book for Fox 2000.

The film focuses on a CIA cryptographer investigating the plane crash that killed his fiance. He discovers that terrorists brought the plane down and asks to be trained to take revenge.

"The Amateur" was already made into Canadian-produced 1981 film starring John Savage and Christopher Plummer. That film was nominated for 10 Genie Awards (Canada's Oscars), winning none.

As Variety notes, Jackman and Seed have been every busy at FOX, associating the "Prestige" star with a wide variety of potential projects, including the comedy "The Rebound Guy," the musical "Carousel" and, of course, "Wolverine." That sounds like plenty of projects for one mere mortal.

The problem may be that none of those Seed films are proximate on Jackman's schedule. Currently shooting "The Tourist," Jackman will then go on to do Baz Luhrmann's eternally untitled epic with Nicole Kidman. Where this leaves anything else on his roster is impossible to tell.

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