Jason Priestley Returns to '90210'


Will Brandon join Brenda back in their old stomping grounds?

Jason Priestley will act as guest director on The CW's " 90210" later this season, while Shannen Doherty is considering to reprise her role as the successful theater actress Brenda Walsh, reports EW.com.

Priestley will direct the show's 18th episode, which will air in the spring. In the meantime, Doherty is in talks to return for two more episodes this season.

So, sorry old school " Beverly Hills, 90210" fans, there won't be an on-screen twins reunion. Show creator Gabe Sachs doesn't rule out, however, Priestley possibly directing one of the Brenda episodes.

Priestley, 39, played the sideburns-sporting Brandon Walsh, twin brother to Brenda and even directed several episodes of the original "90210." He's also sat in the director's chair for episodes of "7th Heaven" and ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," both shows created by Brenda Hampton.

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