Johnny Knoxville Recovering From Crotch Injury

In an a show of testosterone, Johnny Knoxville almost ended up losing his manhood.

The "Jackass" star is currently recuperating from a very painful, bloody and horrifying stunt gone wrong involving a motorcycle, reports People.

Knoxville, who was taping a stunt two weeks ago for a 24-hour marathon special for MTV, tried to ride a motorcycle up a small dirt hill when the bike got away from him , shot up in the air and landed on him, tearing his urethra.

"I decided I could back-flip a motorcycle," says Knoxville. "I guess I should have decided if I could ride a motorcycle beforehand, because I can't. The bike goes about 15 feet in the air, comes down and breaks off the handlebar on my crotch."

Knoxville had been bedridden for the past couple weeks and is starting to feel more himself now that the catheter was removed Thursday, Feb. 21.

"My girlfriend was very supportive of me," he jokes. "Thank God, today I am a man again. I can resume my manly functions."

The video of the incident can bee seen on, which is launching Feb. 23. In the meantime, an excerpt can be seen in on an interview of Knoxville on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

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