Bacon's Six Degrees of Charity

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game will now have more value than connecting the actor with another famous person like say, Godzilla.

Bacon, 48, has created a charity website that capitalizes on the enduring popularity of his namesake game, reports USA Today.

At the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, Jan. 19, the actor will launch, which allows users to see what charities their favorite celebrities are supporting. Some of the celebs involved include Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, Jane Kaczmarek and the band Incubus.

"People pick up celebrity magazines to see how people dress, which handbags are hot, which cars to buy," Bacon says. "Why not look at what [celebrities] care about?"

The way it works is when users make a donation to their celebrity's charity, they can collect that celebrity's "badge," an interactive icon that can attach to their email, web page or blog. The more you collect, the more you link to other people with the same badges. In addition, site visitors can create their own badges to increase the network.

Bacon says he was inspired by Paul Newman's salad dressing.

"[Newman] took this simple idea --- he likes to cook --- and hundreds of millions of dollars later, he has this fantastic thing," Bacon says, referring to Newman's charitable food products. "'What do I have that's not salad dressing?' The thing that I am most connected to is this game."

Bacon also admits that despite his own integral part in the game, he's lousy at it.

"It's confusing," he says. "I can't remember all the movies I've been in, so I surely can't recall someone else's films."

Oh, and the actor is connected to Godzilla by two degrees: In "She's Having a Baby," Bacon co-starred with Matthew Broderick, who in turn starred in the 1998 film "Godzilla."

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