Ledger, Weisz May Make Beautiful 'Music'


Oscar nominees together earlier this year -- she won, he didn't -- Heath Ledger and Rachel Weisz are considering co-starring together in Phillip Noyce's drama "Dirt Music."

Based on the novel by Tim Winton, the film focuses on a couple in a loveless relationship in a Western Australian fishing village. The novel was a finalist for the Booker Prize.

Drafts of the script have been written by Justin Monjo and Pip Karmel.

According to Variety, the project sounds like a good idea, but it's far from set in stone. For one thing, there's no actual financing on the movie -- having the stars of "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Constant Gardener" is sure to help -- and for another, Noyce ("The Quiet American") is also attached to the Paramount drama "Sydney to Hobart," which may be at a more advanced level of pre-production.

If Weisz actually is interested in "Dirt Music," chances are that it's not the most important thing on her mind today. The Oscar-winning star gave birth on Wednesday (May 31) to an unnamed baby boy. Mazel tov.

Ledger and main squeeze Michelle Williams also experienced the joy of childbirth last year. The actor's 2005 credits included "Brokeback," "The Brothers Grimm" and "Casanova."

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