Celebrity Scoop: Leven Rambin


Leven Rambin, who stars as Heather West in ABC's Sunday comedy-drama "Scoundrels," may not be as ditsy as her TV character, but there's definitely a little blurring of the line between the actress and her role.

"Heather plays dumb, and she isn't book-smart, nor does she invest a lot of time in consuming knowledge, but she is very street smart and she worships the ground her dad walks on," Rambin says. "Heather models herself after him. She's kind of like superficial and she doesn't come off as the smartest girl in the class, but she's just very crafty. She has developed a very good sense of getting what she wants from people and protecting her family."

And when it comes to getting what she wants, Rambin takes a back seat to no one. When she was only 13, she got a firm conviction that God wanted her to leave her hometown of Houston and strike out for bigger things. Sure enough, while in Los Angeles for pilot season, Rambin landed a regular role on ABC's "All My Children" on her very first audition and moved to New York with her mother.

"We only planned to be gone for three months and it turned out to be for four years," she says. "It was easy to me because I was young and had a really good memory for mastering this role, which was an autistic character."

More recently, she guest starred as the pregnant daughter of Mark Sloan, aka "Dr. McSteamy" (Eric Dane), on "Grey's Anatomy," a show she found not nearly as rocked by scandal as the tabloids might have you believe.

"It's definitely not as salacious as it may appear," she says. "The cast is very mature, and they really understand each other, and their families are very important to all of them."

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