'Die Hard' Sequel Gets Long, Q


Maggie Q and Justin Long have signed on for Fox's "Live Free or Die Hard," the Len Wiseman-directed fourth "Die Hard" film.

The plot -- which sounds like it's been marinating on the shelf for a decade -- involves a cyberterrorist attempting to shut down the country's computer infrastructure. Those pesky hackers know all about the Internet and the computers, but they don't know all about John McLane (Bruce Willis).

According to the industry trade papers, Long will play McLane's more computer-savvy assistant. As long as they use Macs, that should be easy to believe.

Q will apparently play a hacker who bumps heads with McLane.

Maggie Q was most recently seen joining forces with Tom Cruise in the summer film "Mission: Impossible III." She's already lined up a comedic turn in "Balls of Fury."

Long had a small late-summer success with the comedy "Accepted," as well as a little bit less success with the comedy "Idiocracy." The former "Ed" star has a number of projects on tap including "Strange Wilderness" and a vocal turn in the animated "The Tale of Despereaux."

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