New Director Practices 'Kung Fu'

With brothers Albert and Allen Hughes off the project, a new director has joined Legendary Pictures' big screen version of "Kung Fu."

According to Variety, Max Makowski will helm the project, which will likely follow Legendary's production deal to Warner Bros.

Although no script for the adaptation of the 1970s ABC series is currently ready to shoot, the hope is still to have production ready to go before a possible strike.

The original TV series starred David Carradine as a Shoalin monk who flees China and finds himself in the Old West, using his martial arts skills to lay down a new form of justice. The trade paper says that Makowski's take on the material will be edgier than the original series.

Makowski was most recently attached to Universal's remake of the 2005 Japanese film "Shinobi." A Brazilian by way of Hong Kong, Makowski's credits include "One Last Dance."

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