DiCaprio Manns Up


Director Michael Mann and screenwriter John Logan are shopping an untitled period piece starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to the industry trade papers, Mann and Logan have been working on the project since last fall on spec. They're trying to find studio support for the film with the promise that it could be ready to begin production by next February.

Variety is reporting that Mann has put a $120 million pricetag on the film, which would feature DiCaprio as a Hollywood private eye in the 1930s, the kind of shady gumshoe used by studios to hush up star scandals. The pic is viewed as a potential franchise for DiCaprio, who would produce along with Logan and Mann.

As of Thursday morning, Mann, whose last film was "Miami Vice," has received at least one $100 million offer, apparently from New Line (with money to burn having been left out of the sweepstakes for Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones").

Mann and DiCaprio have a history of unfulfilled collaborations. The "Collateral" director was attached to "The Aviator" for many years, while Mann and DiCaprio also had hoped to do a James Dean biopic and a drama titled "The Inside Man."

DiCaprio could hardly be busier at this point. Coming off his "Blood Diamond" and "The Departed" fall, DiCaprio's next film would appear to be a "Titanic" reunion with Kate Winslet on "Revolutionary Road." He was also recently linked to "Body of Lies" with director Ridley Scott and a proposed fall production start.

But that's not all. DiCaprio and his Appian Way production banner have also been attached to adaptations of "Blink" and "The Chancellor Manuscript," as well as to Martin Scorsese's long-discussed biopic "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt." The list goes on, though. DiCaprio has also been linked to "The Wolf of Wall Street" as another possible reunion with Scorsese and "Confession of Pain," which would also be written by "Departed" Oscar winner William Monahan.

Stay tuned to see how the pieces fit together.

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