Harden Moves Into Lionsgate's 'Cottage'


Not everyone can be as famous as Whistler's mother, but Marcia Gay Harden will make do with a lesser known maternal role.

The Oscar winner has signed on for the plum role of Maryanne, the mother of American painter Thomas Kinkade in Lionsgate's "The Christmas Cottage," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The mass-produced American painter will get reproduced yet again, this time for the big screen in a biopic starring "Supernatural" actor Jared Padalecki as the artist. He and Harden join Peter O'Toole, who will portray Kinkade's early mentor Glen Wessler.

The Michael Campus-directed project, named for one of Kinkade's most beloved works, "Cottage" is the first of three films that will be based on other paintings and different points of his life as part of a three-picture deal between Lionsgate and Kinkade.

Production will begin this month in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Harden won her Oscar for 2001's "Pollock," about a far different American painter. She also earned a nomination for "Mystic River." She next appears in "The Invisible," opening nationwide on Friday, April 27.

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