Ross Is Grandmother to 'Brothers & Sisters'

The extended Walker family on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" will get a little larger early next year.

Former "Happy Days" star Marion Ross is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the show Sunday, Jan. 21 as Nora (Sally Field) and Saul's (Ron Rifkin) mother, the network announced Monday. She's the latest in a line of well-known actors to guest on the show; Treat Williams has appeared in several episodes, and Rob Lowe has also signed on to a recurring role.

The episode will have Nora's mother, Ida, making "an unwelcome visit" to the Walker home as Nora marks a "milestone" in her life. Ida is described as a "not-so-loving mother," which could explain a few things about Nora's own parenting style.

Ross is a five-time Emmy nominee best known for her role as Marion Cunningham on "Happy Days." She earned two Emmy nods for that role and two more for the early-'90s CBS show "Brooklyn Bridge" (the fifth came in 1999 for a guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel").

Her recent credits include guest spots on "Gilmore Girls" as Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) grandmother and namesake, a recurring part on "The Drew Carey Show" as Drew's mom and the Hallmark Channel movie "Where There's a Will."

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