'Chuck' Buddy Dons USA's 'White Collar'


Matthew Bomer, who played a rogue CIA agent on "Chuck," will be heading for another government intelligence agency.

Bomer, 30, will star in the 90-minute "White Collar" pilot for USA Network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the pilot, Neal Caffrey (Bomer) is a brilliant con artist who gets out of maximum-security prison only to become the reluctant partner and consultant to his FBI nemesis in order to solve white-collar crimes.

The series is from Fox TV Studios and writer/executive producer Jeff Eastin.

Another USA 90-minute pilot, "Royal Pains," recently cast Mark Feuerstein as a young doctor who loses everything after making a critical decision in the ER. When he visits the Hamptons, he reluctantly becomes a concierge doctor to the wealthy and elite.

"White Collar" and "Royal Pains" are two of the series that the network is developing for its 2008-'09 season that support USA's "Characters Welcome" brand.

Bomer is familiar to "Chuck" fans who know him as Bryce Larkin, Chuck's former best friend who sends our hero an email that uploads a wealth of highly sensitive information into his brain. Bomer also starred on ABC's short-lived "Traveler," which centered on two roommates who are framed as domestic terrorists by a friend.

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