Mia Farrow's Adopted Vietnamese Daughter Dies


One of Mia Farrow's 15 children has died.

The "Rosemary's Baby" star lost her 35-year-old adopted daughter Lark Song Previn, at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn on Christmas Day, report news sources.

The New York City medical examiner did not reveal the cause of death. Previn had been ailing for a decade, suffering from AIDS-related illnesses.

A service at St. Saviour Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn on Tuesday (Dec. 30) was followed by her cremation. Previn is survived by her partner Robert Garcia and two daughters: Sara, 13, and Christine, 12.

Farrow had three biological children (Matthew, Sascha and Fletcher) with her now ex-husband Andre Previn, with whom she also adopted three daughters: the Vietnamese-born Lark Song and Summer Song and Korean-born Soon-Yi, who later notoriously married Farrow's lover, director Woody Allen.

Farrow also had a biological son, Ronan, and adopted a son and daughter, Moses and Dylan, with Allen. As a single mother, she later adopted Tam, Isaiah, Quincy, Frankie-Minh, Thaddeus and Gabriel.

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