Game Time: 'Might & Magic: Heroes VI' and 'Nicktoons MLB'


Might & Magic: Heroes VI PC/$49.99/Available Now

As an ancient villain returns to life with the single thought of destruction on his mind, the fate of the world falls upon the heroes of the Griffin Dynasty. The children of Duke Slava of Griffin have chosen five distinct paths in life, which has resulted in their own kingdoms, relationships with their siblings and most importantly, their own special brand of destructive power. Whether you choose to control Duke Anton and his armies of light, the necromancer Anastasya or any of the other remaining Griffin children, you must gather your followers, arm yourself and prepare for battle.

"Might & Magic: Heroes VI" is primarily a turn-based strategy game but also manages to include some strong role-playing elements. After choosing your faction, you must work quickly to build up your city and gather resources. To fend off would-be attackers, you'll need to create a vast army using the creatures of your hero's region. If a wide array of monsters and characters isn't enough to protect your realm, attempt to build on the powers of your protagonist via leveling and artifacts.

The long-running "Might & Magic" franchise has been a standout in the turn-based strategy genre for many years now, despite little to no competition.

With gameplay that has grown thanks to creativity and technology, coupled with new stories and characters, "Might & Magic: Heroes VI" is ready to live up to the legendary name and keep a rabid fan base thoroughly entertained.

Media Link: "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" airs Sunday, Sept. 11, on Syfy.

Nicktoons MLB Wii, X360, DS/$29.99-$39.99/Sept. 13

With all the players, stats and managerial choices needed to play most of the baseball video games on the market, someone is finally offering a family-friendly version of the sport starring the lovable characters of the Nicktoon universe. Players from all 30 Major League Baseball teams are being thrown into the mix along with the major players of such hit shows as "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Ren & Stimpy." With this wacky matchup, prepare for the strangest baseball game of your life.

Real-world fields and Nicktoon-famous locations set the stage for your baseball gaming experience, while bizarre maneuvers, trick throws and baffling bat swings keep things interesting during the game. Kinect owners will get the opportunity to enjoy this title using full motion controls.

Media Link: Catch back-to-back Major League Baseball games Wednesday, Sept. 14, on ESPN.

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