Botched 'M:I3' Stunt Makes Marital Relations Impossible

A stuntman is suing the producers of "Mission: Impossible 3" for ruining his sex life.

Steven Scott Wheatley says that burns received from a botched stunt test have negatively affected his marital relations with his wife Mary. They filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, March 29 against Tom Cruise's production company Cruise/Wagner, Paramount Pictures, the stunt coordinator and others for this loss of consortium and negligence.

The lawsuit, which can be found on, describes how a stunt simulation of a missile attack on a Chevy Suburban was tested on June 6, 2005. In the film, the vehicle would then flip over and burst into flames. The Wheatleys allege that the proper safety precautions were not taken including making sure bystanders were at a safe distance, maintaining the equipment for the pyrotechnics, securing the area and keeping safety items such as fire protection suits and fire extinguishers at a close distance.

Instead, the stuntman, who was standing nearby, says that "suddenly, and without any prior warning, the explosives that were used for the stunt were detonated, causing a fireball" that engulfed his body, causing severe burns to over 60 percent of body.

As a result, the suit claims Wheatley's marriage "has been substantially disturbed ... including, but not limited to, the diminution or impairment of his ability to provide and/or engage in physical assistance in maintaining the home, love, affection, companionship, sexual relations, society and solace all to the detriment of his wife."

They are seeking damages for past and future medical care, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, legal fees and other unspecified damages to be determined.

"Mission: Impossible 3," starring Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames and Keri Russell, will hit theaters nationwide on May 5.

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