'Heroes' Actress Joins CW's 'Reaper'


Missy Peregrym, whose character on NBC's "Heroes" could take on the appearance of others and masquerade as them, has replaced yet another person.

The actress will replace Nikki Reed as the female lead on the CW's upcoming show "Reaper," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Reaper" revolves around Sam (Bret Harrison), a slacker who, on his 21st birthday, reluctantly becomes the devil's (Ray Wise) bounty hunter. Balanced with this fantastical calling are the details of his more mundane existence: dealing with his dead end job and a crush on his coworker (Peregrym).

Peregrym, 25, is best recognized for her role as Candice Wilmer, Linderman's associate who can bend the appearance of reality, on "Heroes." She also starred in the big-screen gymnastics movie "Stick It" and appeared on the short-lived ABC series "Life As We Know It."

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