Monaghan Scratches Stiller's 'Itch'

"Mission: Impossible III" may not have been a smash hit this summer, but co-star Michelle Monaghan is making the most of her exposure, piling on upcoming film roles.

Monaghan is expected to co-star with Ben Stiller in "Seven Day Itch," a comedy from DreamWorks.

Although it sounds like it ought to be a remake of Billy Wilder's "Seven Year Itch," it isn't. Fooled you. It's actually a semi-remake ("inspired by" is the phrase used by Variety) of Neil Simon's 1972 "The Heartbreak Kid," which was directed by Elaine May.

That film starred Charles Grodin as a man who goes on his honeymoon and instantly falls for another woman, who causes him to question the whole marriage thing.

Stiller would play the Grodin role, teaming up with writer-directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the filmmakers who helped make him a star with "There's Something About Mary."

The industry trade paper is reporting that Monaghan will play the other woman. Although various media reports have linked Gwyneth Paltrow (a Farrelly Brothers alum from "Shallow Hall") to the wife role, but a DreamWorks rep assures Variety that that's not the case. Or if it is the case, DreamWorks would rather get two different stories in Variety about the film, rather than just one.

Monaghan had a busy and productive year in 2005. Although you may have missed her in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," she had an important supporting role in "North Country" and starred opposite Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." In addition to playing the wife of Tom Cruise's character in this summer's "M:i:III," Monaghan has been working opposite Casey Affleck in the Dennis Lehane adaptation "Gone, Baby, Gone," Ben Affleck's comma-heavy feature directing debut.

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