'Shark' Co-Star Floats to 'Friday the 13th'


Platinum Dunes' "Friday the 13th" reboot has added a quartet of aspiring corpses, lead by "Shark" co-star Danielle Panabaker in a lead role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Sadowski, Travis van Winkle and Aaron Yoo have also joined the Marcus Nispel directed slasher film.

Jared Padalecki was previously announced in one key role and Amanda Righetti and Ben Feldman have also been attached in various trade reports.

The trade paper says that van Winkle plays a "rich alpha male" who prompts the gathering of cute, nubile victims for hockey mask-wearing killer Jason Voorhees. Panabaker will play his girlfriend, whose chances of surviving are probably based on whether or not she puts out. Yoo plays a quirky guy named "Chumbler" and Sadowski will be the guy who knows the history of Camp Crystal Lake, a history he'll probably share before being impaled.

In addition to her run on "Shark," Panabaker's credits include "Mr. Brooks" and "Sky High."

Yoo is currently co-starring in the spring sleeper smash "21," after appearing in last spring's hit "Disturbia."

Sadowski was most recently seen on episodes of "Chuck" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," while van Winkle appeared in "Meet the Spartans."

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