Murphy Embarks for 'Fantasy Island'

Da pain! Da pain!

Eddie Murphy is reuniting with "Norbit" perpetrators Jay Scherick and David Ronn on Columbia Pictures' big screen take on "Fantasy Island."

"Fantasy Island" aired on ABC from 1978-1984 and featured Taco Bell pitchman Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke (or, as we're almost contractually required to refer to him "the enigmatic Mr. Roarke). The velvet-voiced, white-suited Roarke was the proprietor of a mysterious island on which guests could live out their fantasies for a hefty fee. Roarke was joined by under-sized sidekick Tattoo, in the role that made Herve Villechaize famous.

Malcolm McDowell played Roarke in ABC's extremely short-lived 1998 revival.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy will use the vehicle as an opportunity to play multiple roles, though whether that means we can expect the "Daddy Day Care" star to also play Tattoo is unclear.

If not, Peter Dinklage's agent should disconnect the phone for a while.

Since its release earlier this year, "Norbit" has taken in more than $150 million worldwide, stealing some of the thunder from Murphy's Oscar nominated turn in "Dreamgirls." The "Adventures of Pluto Nash" star will next be heard in "Shrek the Third" and seen in the 20th Century Fox comedy "Starship Dave."

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