De Plane! 'Fantasy Island' Star Biopic Planned

Although Herve Villechaize played the sidekick on "Fantasy Island," he'll have his chance in the spotlight now ... albeit posthumously.

Film Rites, a co-venture between Mandate Pictures and Steve Zaillian, will produce the biopic "My Dinner With Herve," based on the last interview with Villechaize before he committed suicide, reports Variety.

Former journalist Sacha Gervasi conducted that interview and will write and direct the film.

Villechaize is best known for playing Tattoo, Mr. Rourke's (Ricardo Montalban) helper on "Fantasy Island." When guests would arrive to the island, Tattoo would ring the bell to announce the arrival of "De plane! De plane!"

Villechaize, who also portrayed evil henchman Nick Nack in the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun," suffered health problems and alcoholism, especially following his being fired from "Fantasy Island." Mere days after his interview with Gervasi, Villechaize shot and killed himself. He was 50.

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