New Slot for NBC's 'Quarterlife'

NBC has tweaked its spring schedule a little, opting to move the web-to-TV series "Quarterlife" to Sunday nights and holding off on repurposing USA's "Monk" and "Psych."

"Quarterlife," which has been airing online since November, was initially scheduled to make its on-air debut Monday, Feb. 18. Instead, NBC has decided to hold the premiere until Tuesday, Feb. 26, following "The Biggest Loser." It will then move to its regular spot at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, March 2.

That was the date NBC had set to begin airing repurposed episodes of "Monk" and "Psych." With "Quarterlife" taking up residence on Sundays, however, the network will hold the two USA shows until April 6.

The change, NBC scheduling chief Vince Manze says, will give "Quarterlife" a push from the demographically compatible "Biggest Loser," which has been enjoying solid ratings during the writers' strike. "In addition," Manze adds, "in its regular Sunday time period we're providing a young-skewing original scripted alternative in an hour where the competition will be mostly unscripted programming or encores."

The show comes from Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, the team behind "thirtysomething," "My So-Called Life" and "Once and Again." It follows a group of friends in their 20s, one of whom (Bitsie Tulloch) video-blogs about their lives and relationships.

"Quarterlife" has been airing in eight-minute installments on MySpace and in the fall. NBC will repackage the 36 episodes into six hour-long shows.

An episode of "Deal or No Deal" will take the spot originally intended for "Quarterlife" on Feb. 18.

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