'Deadwood,' 'Destination' Stars Will 'Die Hard'


The latest addition to 20th Century Fox's ridiculously titled "Live Free or Die Hard" are Timothy Olyphant and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Len Wiseman ("Underworld") is directing the fourth film in the studio's "Die Hard" franchise, which already has staked out a June 29, 2007 release date.

The plot -- which sounds a long-shelved idea for a sequel to "The Net" -- involves a cyberterrorist attempting to shut down the country's computer infrastructure. Those pesky hackers know all about the Internet and the computers, but they don't know all about John McLane (Bruce Willis).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olyphant will play McLane's nemesis (no word on what this does to rumors that Jeffrey Wright had been cast as the film's baddie), with Winstead appearing as McLane's daughter.

Also co-starring are Justin Long ("Accepted") and Maggie Q ("Mission: Impossible III").

Production on "Live Free or Die Hard" has already begun in Baltimore and Los Angeles, but there's still time to find a new title.

Olyphant is best know for his work in "Go" and "The Girl Next Door," as well as his three seasons on HBO's beloved "Deadwood." He's completed work on the romantic dramedy "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner.

Winstead will next been seen in "Bobby" and in the remake of "Black Christmas," with the Quentin Tarantino segment of "Grindhouse" also in the can. Audiences may recognize her from "Final Destination 3" and "Sky High."

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