FOX's 'Inseparable' Lead Goes to 'Laughlin' Lad

"Viva Laughlin" star Lloyd Owen has been cast in the lead of FOX's drama pilot "Inseparable," taking over for the departed Toby Stephens.

Created by Shaun Cassidy ("Invasion"), "Inseparable" is in contention for a midseason berth at FOX.

A modern-day take on the Jekyll-and-Hyde story, "Inseparable" focuses on a partially paralyzed forensic psychiatrist (Owen) with a very devious alter ego, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Inseparable" has already had an unusual journey to reach this stage. FOX approved casting at the beginning of the year before a finished script was in place. Stephens snagged the lead, but the writers strike put the process in limbo. FOX didn't order an actual pilot until May, by which time the studio's deal with Stephens had expired.

The FOX offering also shouldn't be confused with NBC's modern-day Jekyll-and-Hyde story, the Monday night spy drama "My Own Worst Enemy," which stars Christian Slater.

Before his very short-lived run as a CBS star this past fall -- "Laughlin" was cancelled after two low-rated airings -- Owen's credits included "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," "Monarch of the Glen" and the feature "Miss Potter."

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