Wilson Is 'Drillbit's' Leading Tool


Owen Wilson, who currently voices a vehicle in Disney/Pixar's "Cars," is tooling over to "Drillbit Taylor."

Paramount's high-concept comedy is based on an original concept by 1980s-era teen comedy guru John Hughes and will probably be directed by "Without a Paddle" director Steven Brill.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Drillbit" centers on two high school freshmen who have been targeted by the school's bully and decide to take matters into their own hands. They hire a supposedly low-budget soldier of fortune (Wilson in the titular role) for protection, but get an unexpected surprise.

Chris Brown and Seth Rogen wrote the screenplay. "40-Year-Old Virgin" director Judd Apatow will produce alongside alongside Susan Arnold and Donna Roth. Rogen has collaborated with Apatow on the short-lived sitcom "Undeclared" and for the big screen in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," "Virgin,"and the upcoming "Knocked Up" starring the newly engaged Katherine Heigl.

Rogen also co-stars with Wilson in the comedy "You, Me and Dupree," which opens nationwide on Friday, July 14.

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