ABC Connects Horton to 'Six Degrees'

ABC's new series "Six Degrees" will be getting more than just a lead-in from "Grey's Anatomy." It's also getting one of that show's producers, at least temporarily.

Peter Horton, an executive producer of "Grey's Anatomy," is headed to New York to lend a hand on "Six Degrees," the showbiz trade papers report. He'll work with the show's writers and producers for the next month or so and may receive a credit as a consulting producer.

"Six Degrees," which will follow "Grey's Anatomy" on Thursday nights this fall, focuses on six New Yorkers whose lives are intertwined, despite the fact that they don't know one another. It was created by "Elektra" writers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner and is executive produced by J.J. Abrams. Like "Grey's," it's a product of ABC's Disney sibling, Touchstone TV.

According to the trades, ABC has been a little concerned about the show's direction in its early episodes. Production stopped for a week earlier this month, and Jace Alexander, a co-exec producer and director, has left the series.

Horton, a former star of "thirtysomething," has been with "Grey's Anatomy" from the beginning, directing the show's first two episodes (and several more since) and serving as an exec producer alongside creator Shonda Rhimes. He's also working with Rhimes on a pilot about a group of female journalists.

His directing credits also include "The Shield," "Line of Fire" and "Once and Again."

"Six Degrees," which stars Campbell Scott, Hope Davis, Erika Christensen and Bridget Moynihan, is scheduled to premiere Thursday, Sept. 21, following the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy."

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