Day Break

Day Break Midseason Drama Premise: A cop relives the same day over and over, searching for clues about who framed him for a murder. First Impressions: Cross "Groundhog Day" with "The Fugitive" and you have a sense of this show's premise. The idea of reliving a day, altering your actions to affect the outcome, is an intriguing one, and throwing in a murder frame-up only adds to the stakes. Still, unless it's very carefully plotted, this is the kind of concept that can run off the rails really quickly. Stars: Taye Diggs ("Kevin Hill"), Meta Golding ("JAG"), Moon Bloodgood ("Eight Below"), Victoria Pratt ("Mutant X"), Ramon Rodriguez ("Rescue Me"), Adam Baldwin ("Firefly") Studio: Touchstone TV Producers: Paul Zbyszewski ("After the Sunset"), Matt Gross ("Don't Say a Word"), Jeff Bell ("Alias"), Rob Bowman ("The X-Files") View Video See More 'Day Break' Photos
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