Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Opens Wide: Friday, June 16 Yo, this is Heathcliff. You know, the other, better-looking orange tabby cartoon cat? Before seeing this movie, you should be aware that Garfield is a total poser. A fake. A phony. When he gets to London, he's mistaken for feline royalty, and instead of being honest and setting everyone straight, takes advantage of the situation and inherits a castle. That should be my castle. That should be me who gets lasagna served by human lackeys. But no, I'm out on the street, foraging through trashcans for miniscule slivers of canned tuna or leftover Spam. And all because of that turncoat Odie. But not to worry, vengeance shall be mine someday. In the meantime, there's this nicely corruptible human named Lord Dargis (Billy Connolly) who thinks that the castle might make a nice resort. I think I'll encourage that line of thought ... .
Text by Hanh Nguyen. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
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