Jericho Drama Premise: A small town is cut off from the rest of the world after a nuclear disaster. First Impressions: It's certainly an interesting idea: How would you react if suddenly your connection to the rest of the world vanished? The nuclear disaster shown in the pilot looks to be a bit of a MacGuffin, used to spark the characters' reactions. There were hints of other strange things too, though, and eventually the cause of the calamity will have to be cleared up. It's easier to care about a character when you have at least some sense of what they're up against. Stars: Skeet Ulrich ("Into the West," "Miracles"), Gerald McRaney ("Deadwood"), Pamela Reed ("Proof of Life," "Tanner '88"), Ashley Scott ("Birds of Prey"), Kenneth Mitchell ("Odyssey 5"), Sprague Grayden ("John Doe," "Joan of Arcadia"), Lennie James ("Sahara"), Michael Gaston ("Blind Justice"), Erik Knudsen ("Saw II") Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV, Junction Entertainment Producers: Stephen Chbosky ("Rent"), Jon Turteltaub ("National Treasure"), Carol Barbee View Video
Photo courtesy of CBS.
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