Doomed relationships

Whedon Hallmark #10: Doomed romantic relationships and very bad sexual repercussions. How "Dollhouse" fits: How can you build a relationship if your identity is wiped repeatedly? Also, the Dolls are occasionally called upon to provide some sort of non-relationship-y escort duties. Example(s) from Whedonverse past:"Buffy": Buffy and Angel don't end up together and having sex with Riley and Spike (separately) leads to actual destruction. Willow splits with Oz and loses Tara. "Angel": Doyle only gets one kiss with Cordelia before he dies. Angel doesn't get Cordelia, but she does sleep with his son, which results in Jasmine. "Firefly/Serenity": The only healthy romantic relationship ends in tragedy. Lots of unrequited feelings. "Dr. Horrible": Billy loses his laundromat partner and muse. -- Text by Hanh Nguyen
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