Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge Opens Wide: Friday, May 19 Where can you find a bizarro world where William Shatner -- aka Captain James Tiberius Kirk -- is pop singer Avril Lavigne's dad? Just look "Over the Hedge." The duo provides the voices for father and daughter possums Ozzie and Heather (Is Harriet dead? Say it ain't so.) In this DreamWorks cartoon, Bruce Willis as the con-artist racoon RJ is doing his die-hardest to convince his fellow woodland critters that through this newly erected hedge is the "gateway to the good life" where humans take advantage of the land's bounty and gorge themselves constantly. Although RJ doesn't offer specially mixed Kool-Aid with his utopian pitch, the turtle Verne (Garry Shandling) isn't sure RJ can be trusted. Other creatures getting into the action include the squirrel Hammy (Steve Carell), the skunk Stella (Wanda Sykes), Vincent the bear (Nick Nolte) and lovely porcupine couple Penny and Lou (Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy).
Text by Hanh Nguyen. Photo courtesy of Dreamworks.
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