Josh Lucas as "Dylan Johns"

Josh Lucas as "Dylan Johns" You Know Him From: Seen earlier this year in "Glory Road," Lucas' played opposite Reese Witherspoon in "Sweet Home, Alabama" and opposite a sentient plane in "Stealth." Who's Dylan? A mere gambler on the surface, Dylan has a complicated past and a relentless survival instinct. He also has a thing for single-mom Maggie (Jacinda Barrett). Summer Blockbusters -- The Perfect Way To Face Mortality: "I really genuinely had moments on this movie where I was like, 'Either I'm going to be killed or someone's gonna be killed.' And that is an amazing thing to sit there and deal with when you're making a film." One Particular Brush With Death: "I got caught on a wire and the safety people had been sent around the corner because they were in the shot and so they couldn't see me and the camera-people couldn't see me and there was about maybe two inches of breathing room -- it was during the scene with the little boy [Jimmy Bennett] -- and I got trapped and basically my belt got pulled down and I couldn't... in the beginning panic, I went the opposite direction, I was disoriented, and basically I realized I was starting to lose my breath and there was nowhere to go, I had no breathing room. So I snapped. I got out of that water and I was like, 'You don't understand! You're putting us in danger and you're only going to get one take. That's all you can have -- one take. One take. One take.' Wolfgang [Petersen] goes, 'Great, great. No, I understand. I understand. So you'll do it again.' I was like, 'Alright! One more! Let's go!' And it was like somehow his passion for this, every day, you'd find yourself wanting... you'd like him so much you'd want to please him and his vision is so specific."
Text by Daniel Fienberg. Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
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