Step Up

Step Up Opens Wide: Friday, August 11 This movie has something to do with a juvenile delinquent who finds himself in a school for the performing arts and learns that he can dance. How cute. It's "Billy Elliot" for people afraid of British accents. The movie co-stars Dwight Myers, who is back to being credited under his rap name "Heavy D," even though he's lost so much weight it isn't the least bit appropriate anymore. Heavy D has developed a solid acting career for himself with roles in everything from "Big Trouble" to "Life" to "Bones." That's all fine and well, but has anybody heard from The Boyz lately? Are we really supposed to salute Heavy D for breaking free of his musical pedigree when he's just left The Boyz behind. You don't see K.C. ditching The Sunshine Band to enhance his career. And the Fresh Prince at least tried to throw DJ Jazzy Jeff a bone on his sitcom before moving on to bigger things. Don't forget about The Boyz, Heavy D. Don't set them adrift on memory bliss. Wait. That's P.M. Dawn, isn't it? Where you at, P.M.?
Text by Daniel Fienberg. Photo courtesy of Buena Vista.
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