Pop-culture head trips

AMC unveils a new version of "The Prisoner" Sunday night, and while it's not an exact copy of the Patrick McGoohan original, it does share more than one element of the 1960s series. Chief among them? It's a bit of a mind-frak. The story of a man ( Jim Caviezel) who wakes up in a remote village with no explanation of how he got there, who finds his name has been replaced with a number -- Six -- and who is at the mercy of the Village's temperamental ruler, Two ( Ian McKellen), "The Prisoner" is a tale of paranoia that often purposely doesn't make the most sense. The idea is to have you questioning its reality (and maybe your own) just as Six does. In honor of the miniseries' debut, we look at some of our other favorite head trips in pop culture. -- Rick Porter, Zap2it Related: 'The Prisoner' review
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