'Friday Night Lights' Co-Star Races to 'Speed'


Scott Porter, one of the young stars of NBC's beloved "Friday Night Lights," will take a role in the Wachowskis' big screen version of "Speed Racer."

According to Variety, Porter is set to play Rex, older brother of Emile Hirsch's titular Speed.

Set to begin production later this month in Germany, the "Speed Racer" cast also includes John Goodman, Susan Sarandon and Matthew Fox.

We assume that Porter's role will be in a flashback context because [SPOILER ALERT!!!] Fox was previously announced as the mysterious Racer X. As any fan of Tatsuo Yoshida's classic anime series already knows, Racer X, a daredevil secret agent, was revealed to have close relationship to Speed and an even closer tie to Rex, who went missing in Speed's youth, a fact that goes unmentioned in the Variety casting report. [SPOILER OVER.]

Warner Bros. has already set a May 2008 release date for the long-awaited feature.

On the critically adored "Friday Night Lights," Porter plays Jason Street, star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers until an ill-fated tackle left him partially paralyzed. Other credits for Porter include "As the World Turns," the feature "Music and Lyrics" and the upcoming remake of "Prom Night."

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