'Pushing Daisies' Fate Still Undetermined


Rumors about the cancellation or extension of "Pushing Daisies" are half-baked at best.

The truth is the fate of the fantastical show about a pie maker is still unknown, even as "Pushing Daisies" wraps it 13th episode Thursday, according to media reports.

So far, no additional episodes have been ordered, but fans shouldn't necessarily read too much into this ... yet.

"Every day we're hearing that we're canceled and then we hear that we're not," series creator Bryan Fuller tells the Los Angeles Times. "It's all rumors. Nothing official at all. We are in radio-silence land."

Nevertheless, it's coming down to the wire since the network will have to inform production so that it can break down or maintain the sets, whichever the case may be.

"Pushing Daisies," which stars Lee Pace as a man who can grant life to the dead with a touch, has averaged 6.6 million viewers this season.

So there you have it. No word one way or another, but at least it's not completely canned. It's interesting to point out that ABC has had a bit more patience with struggling shows, having previously given chances to " According to Jim," which returns on Dec. 2, and " Eli Stone."

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