'Cosby' Kid Ready for Babysitting 'Adventures'


Can Raven-Symone fill Elisabeth Shue's shoes?

The former "Cosby Show" tyke has signed on to play the Shue role in Walt Disney Pictures' entirely unnecessary remake of the 1987 semi-classic "Adventures in Babysitting."

The original, which marked Chris Columbus' directing debut, starred Shue as a high school senior babysitting a motley crew of kids. The evening goes from boring to adventurous (the film's title doesn't lie) when she has to travel downtown with her young charges.

Given that the original film's most famous line features a four-letter word beginning with "f" that most young viewers don't associate with the "That's So Raven" star, it's unclear if the new "Adventures" will clean up the rough edges that made the original so fun (and yet still managed to earn a PG-13 rating).

No director has been announced, but original producer Lynda Obst will produce again, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to starring in the Disney Channel's highly rated "Raven," the actress has also done two "Cheetah Girls" telefilms for the cable network.

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