Tony & Steve

Tony & Steve (Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black) When We First Met Them: The Best. Neighbors. Ever. Who cares if they're gay? They actually cook food and provide the boys a taste of civility and home. Who cares if they're demons and they sand down their horns? They're rebelling against the Devil by trying to be good. Where We Left Them: Steve "died" when he was crushed by a building, making his widower Tony a little crazy, especially when he realizes Sam is the son of their adversary, the Devil. Learning that Steve has become angel, however, gives Tony hope that there's redemption ... even for demons. Where They're Going This Season: Yup, they're returning -- in what capacity, who knows? I hope those two crazy kids can get together though seeing how they're doing the star-crossed demon and angel thing.
The CW
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