Reid's in the Gutter for Bowling Comedy

Tara Reid may not have been believable as a scientist in "Alone in the Dark," but she may be able to convincingly play a girlfriend.

According to Variety, the legendary partygirl and occasional actress has been cast in the bowling comedy "7-10 Split." The independently financed project will shoot in Los Angeles in April with Tommy Reid -- yes, Tara's brother -- at the helm.

The trade paper warns that the film's plot focuses on a young man (Ross Patterson) who becomes a bowling superstar and attempts to bring fun back to the PBA with the help of his girlfriend (Reid, probably).

Patterson ("The Darwin Awards") is more than just the star -- he also wrote the script.

David Ornston and Richard Salvatore are producing for 2 Sticks Prods.

With credits like "American Pie" and "Urban Legend," Tara Reid had a spell as a hot up-and-coming actress. In recent years, though, she's become better known for accidental public nudity, bar-hopping and the truncated E! travel series "Taradise."

If the IMDB is to be trusted, credits for Tommy Reid mostly include being Tara Reid's brother.

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