'Brothers & Sisters' Sweet on Lowe


Network TV hasn't been especially kind to Rob Lowe since leaving "The West Wing" toward the end of that show's fourth season. But he's giving it another go, this time on a show that's already up and running.

Lowe has taken a recurring part on ABC's first-year drama "Brothers & Sisters." He'll play a Republican senator running for re-election and a love interest for Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) after he appears on her political talk show.

"He brings a maturity to the role on a show that's about people who are no longer kids," series creator Jon Robin Baitz tells Variety. Baitz wrote an episode of "The West Wing" while Lowe was still a regular and says he created the "Brothers & Sisters" character with the actor in mind.

Lowe is signed for six episodes of the show for the moment, with the possibility of more to follow.

Following his departure from "The West Wing," Lowe starred in two short-lived series: "The Lyon's Den" on NBC and "Dr. Vegas" on CBS. He had better luck with TV movies, starring in TNT's adaptation of "Salem's Lot," CBS' "The Christmas Blessing" and the Lifetime miniseries "Beach Girls."

His big-screen credits include "Thank You for Smoking" and the "Austin Powers" movies. He's currently working on the TNT movie "A Perfect Day," which is scheduled to air in December.

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