'Cupid' Takes Wing Again


Suddenly, Rob Thomas is a very busy man.

The "Veronica Mars" creator, who earlier this week was hired to work on an update of "Beverly Hills, 90210" for The CW, has now received a green light to update his late-'90s show "Cupid" for ABC.

Thomas began working on the updated "Cupid" before the writers' strike, and ABC rewarded him with a pilot order on Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The new show will keep the same premise -- a man who believes he's the titular god sent to Earth to unite 100 couples -- but move the setting from Chicago to Los Angeles and tweak a few other elements.

"Cupid" would take priority over "90210" for Thomas since the former has been in the works longer. However, he may still be able to write the pilot script for "90210," which The CW has put on an accelerated development schedule.

The 1998 "Cupid" starred Jeremy Piven as Trevor Hale, a mental patient who claimed he was Cupid and had to bring 100 couples together to be readmitted to Mount Olympus. Paula Marshall played a psychologist assigned to monitor Trevor's progress in the outside world.

The show won a fair amount of critical praise and had a cult following, but it never won a wide audience and lasted only 14 episodes.

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