Pilot Casting: Leading Ladies for 'Spaced,' 'Can Openers'


The latest TV gig for familiar face Sara Rue leads Friday's (March 28) round of FOX and CBS casting news.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rue will play the lead in the transplanted British format "Spaced."

Rue and Josh Lawson will play strangers who pretend to be married to get the apartment of their dreams, leading to inevitable hilarity.

Best known from "Popular" and "Less Than Perfect," Rue most recently appeared on multiple episodes of CBS' "Two and a Half Men." Last pilot season Rue starred in FOX's "Nurses."

Also at FOX, Bert Belasco ("Dash 4 Cash") will co-star will Bernie Mac in the comedy "Starting Under," about a father (Mac) who has to live and work with his introverted son (Belasco).

Over at CBS, Lauren Lee Smith will play the lead in the brain surgery drama "Can Openers." Smith will play a twentysomething woman surrounded by competitive men in a seven-year neurosurgical residency.

Smith's TV credits include runs on "The L Word" and "Mutant X." She'll be seen -- a lot of her if the red-band trailer is any indication -- in the upcoming thriller "Pathology," plus the frightfest "Trick 'r Treat."

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